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Loretta Shupe is also a LDEM

Loretta Shupe


Loretta Shupe, owner and founder of My Family Birth Center, has spent her adult life caring for people. She knew that she wanted to become a midwife before high school. She entered the nursing field to help her gain those skills and has been a nurse for 39 years.  Loretta has worked in hospital settings in Labor & Delivery, Newborn Nursery, Postpartum and other specialties.

Loretta entered an apprenticeship to become a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) in January of 2014.  She worked with 17 different midwives and has participated in over 100 births.  She received her certification in January, 2017.

Loretta and her husband, Jon raised a family in North Ogden.  She has born seven children, all unmedicated.  Three of these children were born at home under the care of a midwife.  Spending time being a wife and mother has been a highlight of her life.  Now she is poised to help others experience a natural, safe birth of their dreams.

Loretta understands a woman's desire to be in control of her birth. She has found through study and personal experience that birthing in an out-of-hospital setting is a safe option and helps to protect the spiritual nature of childbearing.

Heather is also a LDEM

Heather Whitley


Heather Whitley, CPM is a Licensed Utah midwife providing maternity care and home birth to women in the childbearing years. Heather’s practice serves the areas of Salt Lake City, Utah, Weber and Davis County, and Summit County / Park City.

Heather is a graduate of the University of Vermont and the MEAC-accredited Midwives College of Utah where she studied under seven Utah midwives.  She has worked in home birth and birth centers in Vermont, New Hampshire and Utah from 2005-2017.

Heather believes in meeting each woman where she is at and supporting and nurturing them through the processes of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Heather is an adjunct conference instructor at the Community School for Midwifery and the Midwives College of Utah and Treasurer of the Utah Midwives Organization.

Heather and her five children live in Sugarhouse, Salt Lake City.  They are a winter-loving family and can be found trekking the mountains in winter coaching youth ski racing at Snowbird.


Laura O'Bryan


Laura is a licensed midwife in the state of Utah. She has a home birth practice in Murray, Utah and also attends births at My Family Birth Center in Ogden, Utah. Laura has been in the field of birth since 2007. Once Laura started supporting women and families during birth, she had found her special niche in life. First as a doula, then as a childbirth educator and finally licensed as a midwife in 2014. Laura moved from Alaska to Utah in 2012 and has called Utah home ever since. Laura is a mother to four elementary aged children and homeschools them. She thoroughly enjoys working with families of all different backgrounds as they bring babies into the world. Her compassionate and encouraging nature lend strength and guidance to all she serves.


Jessica Bartlett


Jessica Bartlett is a Certified Nurse Midwife and Internally Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She serves as a consultant to My Family Birth Center. Jessica has spent the last 10 years providing education and hands on care in pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding for the Women, Infants, and Children’s programs of Utah, Ivy Lane Pediatrics, University of Utah Hospital, Nightingale College, and Family Birth and Wellness. She has also been a volunteer and board member for the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition for 8 years, holding positions of worksite lactation liaison, marketing and promotions chair, president-elect, and president. She finished her education as a Doctorate of Nursing Practice in the Nurse Midwifery program at the University of Utah and is now working as an Assistant Professor and Certified Nurse Midwife. Jessica has devoted her career to the support of evidence based healthcare and education.

Micah (1)

Micah Bingham


Micah is passionate about helping women and families during the prenatal and birth process. She went to school for her bachelor in nursing at UNC-Greensboro. She is a Southern girl at heart. She was raised in North Carolina with the best of mountains and beaches.
She moved to Salt Lake City to work on Labor and Delivery and to study in the midwifery program at the University of Utah. She worked on the OB flight team at the University Hospital.
Micah met her soul mate and lived the Army life. Her husband served as a helicopter mechanic and deep sea diver. They currently live in North Ogden. They have five children and enjoy camping, gardening, and sports.
Her desire and passion to help women in the birthing process stemmed from reading stories of midwives who would travel to homes in the country to help women during birth. She wants to help  empower women to do what the body has naturally done for thousands of years.


Kandice Baird


Kandice Baird is a trained HypnoDoula who proudly serves Davis County, Utah and surrounding areas. She has a passion for birth and birth education and found her place in the world as a birth doula. Kandice respectfully sees the sacred nature of each individual birth story and feels honored to be a birth worker. She faithfully supports and has a deep love for all mothers in all stages of their life journey.

Kandice is married and together she and her husband have four beautiful children. She has personally experienced multiple hospital and home births. She enjoys connecting to nature through hiking, camping, and fishing with her family. ​

Also does foot zoning

Mindy Bigler

Massage Therapist

Mindy's passion for working with pregnant moms, started at massage school in 1997 there she was introduced to the idea of natural childbirth and prenatal massage.
When she got pregnant she decided to take a Bradley Method class to prepare for her first baby and loved her class and birth so much she decided to become a teacher a few years later. Mindy took her first childbirth teacher training in The Bradley Method ® in April 2004. She continued her education with Informed Beginnings and is very excited to pass on the things she has learned.
In April 2013, after spending time at home with her children for 14 yrs, she became a prenatal massage specialist at Salt Lake Prenatal Massage where she was able to work with hundreds of prenatal and postpartum clients before becoming the prenatal massage specialist at inSPArations day spa. She now has her own office Mother Nurture Baby in Layton. She has also expanded her prenatal massage and childbirth education training to include Doula training. A Doula is a childbirth professional who serves women by reducing discomfort and pain during labor with continuous support including massage, counter pressure, relaxation techniques, and education. This allows for a quicker recovery for both mother and child.
She has had three beautiful boys and one sweet girl naturally. She had her third and fourth at Andaluz Waterbirth Center in Oregon. She felt it was a very peaceful and beautiful experience to have them in a birthing tub. The other children were also present and thought it was really neat to see their siblings born. Since moving back to Utah, she has really enjoyed living in the Ogden area.


Joleen Cullen

Massage Therapist and Doula

Joleen is very passionate about healing and it can be found in many forms. She has been a licensed massage therapist and energy worker since 1997. She went to Myotherapy massage college in Salt Lake City, Utah. She specializes in Energy work. In the beginning, she went to massage school for herself because she knew she was looking for a healing experience and that is what she found. It has been a very fulfilling career for her. She does her best to provide a safe and unconditionally loving space for people to have a healing experience in. She offers a deep level of presence in each and every session. She provides exceptional bodywork in every single session no matter how many times she's worked with someone.

She did her DONA training to become a doula in 2007. Pregnancy, birth, and babies...she loves it all! She sees the birth process as a huge opportunity for growth and healing. This is an opportunity for the mom to listen/communicate with her body. This is not just a mother experience but a parent experience. She enjoys helping the father be involved in this process. She finds great joy in assisting mothers and fathers in having a rewarding and positive birth experience.

She is married and has 3 amazing children. She is always pursuing new ways to grow. She delights in creative adventures. In her down time she does yoga, dance, hike, art/crafts, read, watch movies.


Kathryn Sullivan

Massage Therapist

Hello! My name is Kathryn Sullivan. I have been a massage therapist for couple of years, and I love being able to heal the body, and spirit, through therapeutic touch. I especially love focusing on prenatal massage for the women who need relaxation more than anyone else! I am also highly skilled in reflexology, cranial sacral, and deep tissue. I also became certified as a Birth Doula in 2017. I have had the privilege to attend 4 births so far, and they have all been amazing in their own ways. Healing work truly is my calling, and I can’t wait to help many others through the years!

Heather Wade

Heather Wade

Essential Oils

Heather Wade, also known as The Living Room CEO, has a very successful essential oils business and community that spans worldwide. She is a wife and a mother to four sons and two daughters, three of which were born at home. She believes that knowledge is power and creates positive results in the pregnancy and birth process.

She has enjoyed using essential oils since 2011 with her family and has experienced the many benefits they offer. She has watched her clients’ health and comfort increase dramatically both physically and emotionally through the use of essential oils. They have the potential to enhance and compliment every woman’s right to a fabulous pregnancy, labor and birth experience.

Heather loves to empower the families she serves through education and choices, by teaching them that as they take their health into their own hands they can improve their lives.

She offers essential oil education for all phases of pregnancy and birth.  She loves to share how they can empower you whether you are a midwife, doula, mom or just someone who wants to take control of your health in a natural way.

Heather is a business coach, public speaker and essential oil educator, certified in AromaTouch Technique.

BreeAnn Moore

BreeAnn Moore

Positive Mind and Baby Specialist, Doula

BreeAnn first became involved with birth as a profession after the natural hospital birth of her first child in 2012. Her passion grew as she continued to study childbirth, especially drawn by the emotional and spiritual implications birth has on the life of the mother and child. In 2014 she became trained as a professional postpartum belly binder, helping women recover postpartum, and a year later as a birth doula. She incorporates energy healing into her practice as a doula, helping women clear emotional blocks and negative beliefs surrounding pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

Currently, BreeAnn is training as a Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula, and following the long path to eventually become a midwife. For now, she finds great fulfillment in joining women on their journey to motherhood and discovering their innate powers of creation through pregnancy and birth. She loves presenting at local conferences and expos, and is working on writing a book about cultural birth postpartum practices.

In addition, BreeAnn is a fantasy novelist, publishing her first book, “Woven,” in July of 2017. She lives in Ogden, is wife to an amazing “baby-catching” husband, and the mother of four children.

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