Water Birth

Water birth is a beautiful way to bring your baby into the world. Water birth is the process of giving birth in a tub of warm water.

The idea behind water birth is that considering the baby has already been in the amniotic sac for 9 months, giving birth in a similar manner is gentler and easier for the baby and much less stressful for the mother. The mother’s tissues stretch easier making tears less likely and the water feels like an epidural to the mother as she slides into the warm water. The water tends to reduce stress-related hormones, allowing the mother’s body to produce endorphins which serve as pain-inhibitors. This makes it more relaxing and the process of dilating easier.

The effect of buoyancy lessens a mother’s body weight, allowing free movement and new positioning which can be crucial for the mother’s comfort. An added benefit is the baby is washed clean.

Midwives and birthing centers believe that by reducing the stress of labor and delivery it also reduces birthing complications. Water birth should always have the supervision of a qualified healthcare provider.

At My Family Birth Center we have a fully qualified staff with several years of experience in water birth and natural birthing methods. For additional information on water birth please give us call. We’d be happy to meet with you and go over any questions or concerns that you have.

Water Birth



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