5 Benefits To Having A Natural Birth

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If you are wondering if a natural birth for you and your baby is the way you’d like to go take a look at these five benefits to natural birth.  

  1. Natural childbirth techniques are not invasive.  Since many of the natural labor techniques such as breathing exercises, visualization, self-hypnosis, and others are non-invasive there is little to no potential for harm or side effects for you or your baby.
  2. Less likely to need interventions. Natural childbirth makes you less likely to need interventions such as Pitocin (oxytocin) to increase the strength of your contractions, bladder catheterization, or vacuum/forceps delivery.
  3. Your husband can be involved in labor. Unlike in non-natural birth, your labor partner is very much involved.  Your husband will work with you to manage your pain.  Your husband may also be allowed to receive the baby, cut the cord, and enjoy bonding much sooner.
  4. No loss of sensation or alertness.  You will be free to move around and find positions that help you to stay comfortable during labor.  Typically after receiving pain interventions, you are confined to lying down on your back.  You will remain in control of your birth and participate in the delivery when it’s time to push your baby out.
  5. Birth feels empowering. Natural labor tends to give women a strong feeling of empowerment while they are in labor.  This also leads to a strong feeling of accomplishment after the birth.  Non-natural birth tends to leave women feeling powerless and dependent on those around her.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of natural birth and the resources available at our center just contact us.

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