What are the Benefits of a Birth Center?

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A birth center is a great place for someone who doesn’t want an intervention-friendly hospital. Most hospitals are quick to intervene and take the magic of childbirth away. A birth center can offer the comfort of home with the resources of a hospital.

After meeting with the expecting mother, the family and midwives collaborate to decide on the best way to care for mom and the new baby. As a general rule of thumb, birth centers don’t typically perform routine interventions such as continuous fetal heart rate monitoring or IV fluids. Midwives generally trust that birth is a natural and normal process and they support women to trust their bodies.

A few things to think about…

-There are two main types of birth centers: free-standing centers and centers that are in or near a hospital and affiliated with the hospital. A birth center that is affiliated with a hospital will most likely have a higher intervention rate due to the fact that it has to adhere to hospital standards.

-A recent study found that women experiencing low risk pregnancies, giving birth at a birthing center is far safer than at the hospital. The national C-section rate for low risk women is an astounding 32.7% while the C-section rate for women who birth at a center is 6%.

-Your room at a birth center is comforting, private and relaxing. There is most likely a large bed for mom to sleep and room for dad too! And most centers have large bathtubs for water births or for relaxing. Many birth centers will only have one woman in labor at a time and their midwifery team, which helps support your privacy. Your birth may be attended by a team of midwives and midwife assistants as well as any family you’d like to include. During the labor your friends and family are welcome to wait in the reception area until the new bundle of joy arrives!

-A major concern for parents is cost. A birth center birth is usually less than half of the cost of a vaginal birth in a hospital.

– In the rare event that something goes wrong midwives are trained on how to proceed in a birthing emergency. Our center is within 3 minutes of the hospital.

As you know we fully support mothers and their decisions during their natural pregnancy and we’d love to help you!

Your Baby, Your Body and Your Choice.

Birth Center Birthing in a homelike environment
Our Beautiful So. Ogden, Utah Birth Center.

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