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Birth Centers Give Top-notch Care

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There has been a lot of talk recently about the benefit of Birth Centers in our communities.  I want to add a resounding yes to that concept.  It is a new concept for traditional people to consider a birth center.  Why would someone who has had favorable outcomes in a hospital be attracted to an out-of-hospital setting?  The answer is Care.  Low-risk women receive exceptional personal care and are able to experience much more control in their personalized birth experience.

In an article written by Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN, APRN in Jan 31, 2013,  Evidence confirms Birth Centers Provide Top-Notch Care

She states, “We have reached a dramatic cross-road when it comes to maternity care in the U.S. Will we, as a country, continue on our current path of rising C-section rates, excessive costs, and poorer maternal outcomes than 33 other first-world countries? Or will we begin to expand other options for receiving optimal care during our births?

Expecting families who choose the birth center setting in the U.S. can expect high-quality, family-centered care with a Cesarean rate of approximately 6%. Less than 2% of women who choose the birth center setting will require an urgent transfer for either mother or newborn. The stillbirth and newborn death rates are comparable to rates seen in other low-risk populations.”

Using a Birth Center for a couple’s next baby is a logical, evidence-based option.

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