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trimester breakdown

Your Pregnancy Trimester Breakdown

Your Pregnancy Trimester Breakdown Understanding the various stages of pregnancy will help you to prepare yourself for this phase of your life. Your pregnancy trimester breakdown will include the first, second, and third trimester. Sometimes, people also refer to the period immediately after giving birth as the “fourth trimester” because you will still see the …

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visit your midwife

How Often You Should Visit Your Midwife During Pregnancy

How Often to Visit your Midwife During Pregnancy Your prenatal appointments are an important part of protecting your baby and yourself throughout your pregnancy. While there are many important decisions to make during your pregnancy, it is important to know how often to visit your midwife while you are pregnant. How often you should visit …

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immune system

How Pregnancy Impacts the Immune System

The body changes substantially throughout the pregnancy process. It is completing a complex, beautiful, and natural process. Understanding how pregnancy impacts the immune system will help you to take the steps to protect yourself and your baby throughout the process. With the appearance of COVID-19, many pregnant women are concerned about the functionality of their …

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