What is a CPM?

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CPM stands for Certified Professional Midwife. This is a national certification. A CPM may also be a nurse but it is not a requirement. They specialize in “out of hospital” birthing and are able to provide an “organic” birth experience with minimal interventions.

A CPM is trained in starting IV’s, drawing blood for labs, giving select medications, doing the initial newborn examination, birth complication management, comfort measures, labor and delivery, breast feeding guidance and they are also able to bill insurance for their services.

How is hiring a CPM different than hiring a CNM?

A CPM offers the natural birth experience where mothers can be in many positions during labor including walking, standing, kneeling, rocking with her spouse. Mothers can eat and drink throughout the labor and the father is heavily involved throughout the entire labor if he chooses to be. She has the choice of a water birth. Complications leading to C-sections are less likely.  Along the Wasatch front of Utah, 1 in 4 hospital births result in a C-Section while only 1 in 40 births result with a C-Section when using a CPM.

What about Certified Nurse Midwive’s (CNM) statistics?  They are very similar to the statistics of obstetricians due to the fact that they are in the hospital environment and work closely with obstetricians.

When you are deciding what option is best for you and your baby we are here to help and support you in whichever direction you feel best fits your personal choice. We invite you to come and tour our birth center and see our beautiful birth suite that includes a birthing tub, a private bathroom, shower and a full family room. There is also a plenty of closet space to store your belongings while we share this very beautiful and intimate time with you.

Utah Water Birth with a CPM



It’s Your Body, Your Baby and Your Choice.


We are located in South Ogden, Utah near Ogden Regional Hospital. We have a full staff and also offer infertility treatments. We know when you are trying to get pregnant and complications are involved how hard that can be. We are here to help.

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