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Comfortable Labor Positions to Try

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Why Should I Learn Comfortable Labor Positions?

When you are anticipating labor, it can be particularly useful to create a birth plan and to plan appropriately for your labor. When you are planning, it can be helpful to ensure that you know the most beneficial labor positions that you can try during labor. There is no perfect solution for this, so having multiple options can go a long way toward finding the ideal solution to meet your needs. Understanding multiple labor positions can help you to stay as comfortable as possible during labor. Our experienced team at My Family Birth Center can help to guide you through many of the positions that can help ease your discomfort during labor. Here are a few comfortable labor positions to try while you are in labor to simplify your process.

Comfortable Labor Positions

When most people think of labor, they think about the typical position of lying back in a hospital bed. However, this position is often not the most comfortable or even the most effective to meet your needs. There are many alternatives to help you remain comfortable during your labor. You may find that walking around, squatting, or many various other positions are much more comfortable for you during your labor. Every labor will be different, so there isn’t necessarily one position that is the best for every situation. Trying out multiple labor positions can help to keep you comfortable during your labor.


Upright positions can often be incredibly beneficial while you are in labor. There are many positions that fit the bill for “upright” including standing, sitting, or kneeling. Gravity is your friend when you are in labor. These positions often help to ensure that you can take advantage of physics. When you remain in an upright position during labor, the weight of your baby will press onto the cervix. This can help to encourage the cervix to open. These upright positions may also help to get the baby in the best position for the birth. This can be another critical step during your labor.

Using an Exercise Ball

comfortable labor positions

An exercise ball can be a very useful tool during your labor process. There are many ways in which you can implement an exercise ball. You may sit on the exercise ball, lean forward on the exercise ball while kneeling, or use it in many other ways. In general, an exercise ball helps to take the weight off of various parts of your body, depending on the position that you are using. It can also help to relax your lower back. Exercise balls can often help to improve your comfort during your labor process.


In most situations, you won’t use a squatting position until you are in the later, advanced stages of labor or even during delivery. When you squat, you will use gravity to help open up your pelvis, which helps to provide more room for the baby. There are many tools available to help you remain comfortable while implementing a squatting position.

Side Lying

Lying down can be comfortable when you are too tired to stay upright. However, it is important to refrain from lying on your back. When you lie on your back, the distribution of the weight will often compress major blood vessels and veins in your body. This can cut off the oxygen supply to your baby. It can be a dangerous position for both the mom and the baby. However, lying on your side can be a beneficial and comfortable position. This position allows you to relax and is a great position for massaging techniques from either your partner or doula. This position can go a long way toward helping to ease your discomfort.

Hands and Knees

Though you might not think of this one, a hands and knees position during labor can help to alleviate discomfort in many ways. This position often helps to open up the pelvis and provide more space for the baby. It also helps to take the pressure off of your spine. It is possible for your arms to get tired in this position, but otherwise this is a particularly comfortable labor position to try. This position may also allow for counter pressure that will help to alleviate discomfort and allows for massage techniques to be implemented.


Lunging can be another beneficial labor position. However, this lunging is not the same as the exercise-related lunges you might do at the gym. When you implement a lunging position during labor, you can put one foot up in an elevated position on a chair. You can then lean the body forward toward the raised foot whenever you feel a contraction coming on. This can help you to take pressure off during the contraction. It can also help the baby to descend or rotate into an ideal position. The lunging labor position helps to open up your pelvis, provide more room for the baby, and alleviate pressure.

Kneeling in Birthing Pool

Birthing pools can be a great option for easing your discomfort throughout your labor. When you kneel in a birthing pool, you help to obtain all of the benefits of gravity while simultaneously obtaining the benefits that warm water can provide. Warm water helps to relieve pressure and ease discomfort. This particularly labor position is a great option if you intend to give birth in a birthing pool, because you will already have the pool available for use.

Understanding comfortable labor positions to try can go a long way toward improving your process and ensuring that you remain as comfortable as possible during your labor. In addition to planning for positions to try during labor, there are many steps that you can take to reduce your discomfort and ensure the best possible delivery. For one thing, you may want to consider working with a doula to learn and implement natural pain relief strategies. Consulting with our team will help to ensure that you are able to receive the appropriate guidance and expertise that will enable you to craft the ideal birth plan to meet your needs. To learn more about comfortable labor positions to try, contact us at My Family Birth Center today!

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