common newborn challenges

Common Newborn Challenges

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What are some Common Newborn Challenges?

There are many common newborn challenges that you can expect to face, including breastfeeding, trouble sleeping, colic, and more. When you understand the various newborn challenges that you will face, you will be better equipped to deal with these common newborn challenges. This can go a long way toward easing you into the new challenges of parenthood, while minimizing the potential problems that you may experience. Whenever you are uncertain about a health concern that you have with your newborn, you should contact your care provider for the best possible guidance. Here are some of the most common newborn challenges that you should prepare to face when your baby is born.


Many new mothers struggle with breastfeeding for many different reasons. They may have difficulty getting the baby to latch properly or getting comfortable while they are breastfeeding. Many mothers are worried that their baby isn’t eating enough when they are breastfeeding, which can further compound their concerns. It may be difficult for a new mother to follow a healthy diet to prevent issues when their baby is breastfeeding. Ask your midwife for assistance with breastfeeding before you leave the birth center. This will help to ensure that you are confident in your methods for breastfeeding and know the right steps to take to encourage breastfeeding. Don’t get discouraged if it is difficult the first time that you try breastfeeding. This process is difficult for many mothers. Check out our post regarding breastfeeding basics for more assistance with your breastfeeding process.

Sleep Challenges

common newborn challenges

When your newborn has difficulty sleeping, you are likely to feel worn out and exhausted. If your baby is up a lot at night, it may be useful to establish a routine to help them sleep more soundly. Our experts can help to provide you with the guidance that you need to implement the ideal routine to help your newborn sleep. Most newborns need roughly 17 hours of sleep a day, so encouraging their nightly routine and naptime can help to keep them healthy, while simultaneously providing you with some much needed rest.

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is an incredibly common skin condition that your newborn may face. This can occur when you aren’t changing their diapers frequently enough or are failing to provide various hygiene processes. It may even arise because the baby has particularly sensitive skin. To reduce the risk of diaper rash, you will need to ensure that you change your baby’s diaper on a regular basis. Don’t allow them to remain in a soiled diaper. If they develop a diaper rash, you may want to use diaper rash cream to help soothe their skin and ensure it can heal quickly, before infection becomes a possible concern. Ensure that you keep their skin clean and free of components that may also raise the risk of infection.

The diapers that you use may also impact diaper rash. If you use cloth diapers for your baby, you will want to ensure that you wash them with detergents that are free of dye and fragrances. This can help to minimize the impact that the cloth diapers will have when they are in contact with your newborn’s skin.


New mothers often find that they are extremely exhausted. They may have to get up multiple times a night to comfort their baby, feed them, or do many other tasks. It is important for a new mother to focus on self-care, as well as caring for their newborn. This can help to prevent them from getting worn out and living with exhaustion. While newborns certainly have a substantial amount of needs and require a great deal of care, it is useful for a new mother to take periodic breaks. Consider asking your partner to take over for caring for the newborn for a day or even a few hours. Take a bath or treat yourself to a spa day. These self-care routines can help to provide you with much needed comfort and relaxation.


Colic is a common health issue that newborns face. While a colicky baby may experience a great deal of discomfort, they are often otherwise healthy. A baby may be allergic to formula, which can cause them to develop colic. Pay attention to the signs that your baby is allergic to formula so that you can identify a cause that may be behind their colic. One of the major signs of colic is near constant crying. If you find that your baby won’t stop crying no matter what you do, they may be experiencing colic. Consult with your care provider to learn more about how to comfort your baby and ensure that you pay extra attention to them when they are experiencing colic.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are another incredibly common issue that can occur with children. A newborn’s immune system hasn’t developed fully, which causes them to be much more vulnerable to infections. Signs that a newborn may have an ear infection include them tugging at their ear or behaving more fussily than they usually would. When your baby has an ear infection, you may want to bring them in for a visit to their care provider. A viral infection will usually go away after it has run its course, but your newborn may need antibiotics if the infection is bacterial. Your care provider will be able to determine the best course of action to take if your baby has developed an ear infection.

There are many common newborn challenges that you may face as a new parent. Understanding these various challenges can help to ensure that you prepare adequately for them and are able to minimize possible issues. They will also ensure that you know what to do when you are facing a common newborn challenge. Our expert team is dedicated to help ease you into the transition of parenthood. To learn more about common newborn challenges and what to do when they arise, contact our team at My Family Birth Center for superior guidance.

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