early signs of pregnancy

Early Signs of Pregnancy

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Learning the early signs of pregnancy can help you to detect if you are pregnant as quickly as possible. However, there are some important things to keep in mind regarding the early signs of pregnancy. For one thing, the only way to be completely certain that you are pregnant is by obtaining a test from your midwife or care provider. Even at-home pregnancy tests aren’t 100% accurate, so you need to visit a care provider if you suspect that you are pregnant. You also need to keep in mind that every pregnancy is different. Not everyone will experience the same symptoms throughout their pregnancy. In addition, these symptoms generally won’t all come on at once, so it is important to be familiar with multiple early signs of pregnancy.

Knowing that you are pregnant as soon as possible will help you to take the steps that you need to stay safe during your pregnancy, such as following the proper nutrition and taking the steps to protect your health. It is similarly important to note the changes that your body will experience during pregnancy so that you know what to expect throughout the process. At My Family Birth Center, we are dedicated to guiding you throughout the pregnancy process to ensure the most positive experience possible.

Missed Period

early signs of pregnancy

If you are relatively regular regarding your monthly cycle, a missed period will often be the earliest sign of pregnancy. If you’re not regular, it is highly likely that you will notice a different one of the early signs of pregnancy before you notice a missed period. However, you should also keep in mind that there are other reasons that can cause you to miss a period. Stress and excessive exercise can cause you to miss one or multiple periods. Putting on or losing weight very quickly can also cause periods to be missed. It is important to note that spotting or a little light bleeding may still occur when you are pregnant. Pay attention to missed periods and ensure that you visit your midwife when you notice one.

Changes in Breasts

Changes in the breasts are common early signs of pregnancy. The breasts may become larger and are highly likely to feel tender or highly sensitive. Changes are also extremely common when it comes to the areola portion of the breasts. The areola of the breasts may darken, which is another of the early signs of pregnancy.

Tiredness or Fatigue

In the first few weeks of pregnancy, it is highly likely that you will feel extremely tired or fatigued. This is often due to the rising levels of progesterone that your body produces in order to help it to maintain the lining of your womb. This is done to support the pregnancy, though it may cause you to feel extremely tired or fatigued.

Morning Sickness

Many people know that morning sickness is a common sign of pregnancy. While it is called “morning” sickness, it is important to note that morning sickness can occur at any time of the day or night. The signs of morning sickness are generally nausea and vomiting. This symptom usually passes by the 16th week of pregnancy, which is often an incredibly positive thing for pregnant women, as morning sickness can be incredibly uncomfortable.

More Frequent Urination

It is extremely common for women to notice that they have to urinate far more frequently, even in the early stages of pregnancy. During pregnancy, the uterus will grow larger, which will cause it to press on the bladder. This increases the frequency of urinary urges. This symptom is incredibly common later on in pregnancy too, especially as the fetus develops and begins to put additional weight on the bladder.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are incredibly common along with the hormone fluctuations of pregnancy. When you are experiencing mood swings, you may find yourself crying for no discernible reason. You may also otherwise have random mood changes that you are unable to predict or prevent. Understanding that mood swings are a common part of pregnancy can help you to detect pregnancy in the early stages. This can also help you understand why you are experiencing those mood swings.

Changing Senses

Pregnant women often notice changes in their senses, particularly when it comes to tastes and smells. Women that are pregnant may find that they crave different foods than they usually eat. Additionally, they may find that they are repelled from some of their usual favorites. A sensitivity to smells is extremely common in pregnant women, as well. For example, the smell of coffee may cause a woman to feel queasy. These changing senses are a common early warning sign of pregnancy.


Cramps are a common sign of pregnancy. These cramps often occur in the legs or the feet. They are generally caused because the body will change the way in which it processes calcium. This results in more frequent cramps than usual.

Development of Acne

The development of acne is another extremely common warning sign of pregnancy. This usually occurs around 11 weeks of pregnancy. It is caused by an increased activity of the oil glands of the body. This is also the reason why many women are said to have a “pregnancy glow.” Though this sign occurs later than many of the previously mentioned signs, it can still help you to determine when you are pregnant. It will also help you to understand why you are seeing an increase in acne during your pregnancy.

At My Family Birth Center, we are passionate about providing the prenatal services that you need to have a safe, healthy pregnancy. The sooner you realize you are pregnant, the sooner you can take the steps to protect the health of your baby. This is particularly important if you are a regular smoker or drinker because these behaviors can be especially damaging when done while pregnant. To learn more about the early warning signs of pregnancy and how to remain healthy throughout your pregnancy, contact us at My Family Birth Center today!

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