Fertility and Diet

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Many women ask us about a good diet to encourage conception and to try keep the pregnancy as stable as possible.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1.Sleep: Get more sleep. It sounds simple enough but we live very active and full lifestyles. Try to plan your day to where you can start winding down around 8pm.

2.Food: Eat healthy foods. Stay away from high amounts of sugar, white flour and fried foods. Try and eat organic meats, free-range eggs, fresh veggies and fruits.

5 Foods to Conceive
Whole milk gives you vitamin A, vitamin D, and K2.
Olive Oil gives vitamin E
Folate from green salad
Iodine from wild salmon or any seafood
Red meat provides zinc, vitamin B12.

If you are ready to have a baby, change your diet first. Much of what makes you fertile is lodged in your fat. Eating real foods will replace and replenish nutrients in your tissues.

3. Vitamins: Make sure to take your prenatal vitamins. A higher percent of  women readily conceive when on a prenatal vitamin. Folic acid and iron in prenatal supplements improve ovulatory infertility. We recommend taking 800 mcg of folic acid. This aids in conception and helps to prevent birth defects. Taking Cod liver oil provides vitamin A and vitamin D.

4. Sex: Women need testosterone, the hormone of desire. Soy will kill it. A Vegan, low-fat diet, white flour, sugar, trans fats, caffeine, cigarettes and the pill all complicate it for men and women.

Eating more meat, eggs, milk, cheese, nuts will help. Arousal comes from nitric oxide and this is needed for the blood vessels to dilate. The body makes it from amino acid arginine. Fresh spinach, crustaceans, fish, turkey, oats, almonds, walnuts provide it.


Your body, your baby and your choice.

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