Healthy Kids and Their Diet

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We all want healthy kids. We also know that to have healthy kids there are 2 main factors.. Diet and exercise. In this blog we’ll focus on diet.

Fast food such as hamburgers and pizza are not nutritional foods because of all the additives. These extra carbs change their hormone production, and encourages insulin resistance.  Notice how more children are becoming over- weight.  We must teach our children to eat Wholesome foods and show them the value we get when we do.

For example… Try keeping processed foods out of the house.  Instead, stock the fridge with fresh vegetables, less fruits, and healthy proteins.  Eat organic meat and produce to avoid the added toxins.  Bake from scratch, even pizza.  The food tastes better and helps grow healthy bodies.

The most common deficiencies in children are iron and Vitamin D.  Who would have thought that missing these key nutrients may contribute to problems with behavior, repeat infections, loss of appetite, lethargy, breathlessness, increased sweating, failure to grow as expected and cravings for dirt.  Yes, dirt! One main trigger is lack of good calcium makes it more difficult to ward off frequent colds.

We are more than a birth center. We also focus on your overall health as well as your families health. Contact us for superior quality products to supplement their diet.

        “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”  Frederick Douglass

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