Healthy Pregnancy Diet Part 1

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A healthy pregnancy diet was best expressed by Anne Frye when she said “Good nutrition is the best gift a pregnant woman can give to her unborn baby.” It is key to prevent birth defects.

Be an Omnivore. This is key for your pregnancy diet. It is difficult to get pregnant and grow a baby while you’re simply eating plants. Anthropologists have not found 1 vegan society anywhere that are multi-generational.  One  reason for this is believed to be the lack of meat in their diet. Vegan diets also present challenges for fertility and pregnancy. This lifestyle creates the body to be missing several key nutrients. A major one being fully formed Omega 3’s of DHA, EPA.

Below is a list of foods and ways to get Omega 3’s of DHA, EPA.

  1. Only found in fish.
  2. There are small quantities in beef, dairy, eggs therefore building the needed amounts.
  3. Sperm is rich in DHA
  4. Vitamin B12 only found in animal products.

Vegetarian societies have said humans cannot use the plant form of B12 to get the correct nutrients that they need. It also causes a higher risk of spina bifida and nerve disorders.

You also have the risk of not getting enough iron. You can get the most iron from red meats and liver. Iron has many benefits including raising sperm count. It is used by a females eggs which helps to make proteins and DNA and is used by a females eggs which helps to make proteins and DNA.

A vegan diet can also cause iron, zinc, selenium deficiency which are all needed for thyroid function. These minerals are plentiful in red meat.

Pregnancy Diet


Remember… Your Body, Your Baby and Your Choice.

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