Should I get Induced?

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When you feel like you’re as big as a house, walking up the stairs takes three times as long as it should and you simply cannot sleep… scheduling your delivery and getting induced like a nail appointment seems like the greatest idea anyone has come up with but there’s a lot to consider before you agree. Experts agree that failed inductions play a very large part of the C-section rate—a record high of 32 percent in 2016 to be exact. A large part of these were not due to high risk pregnancies or large babies.

We’ve put together a few things for you to think about before you make one of the biggest decisions of your baby’s life.

-It’s a ‘crap shoot’ if your baby is ready or not. Science has not been able to determine what starts labor in the body.  They know there are about 4 components but the body decides when that time is.

-If your baby is not ready, then more and more drugs are needed to keep the labor going.

-If they break your water, there is no going back.  It must finish, even if that means doing it by C-section. The recovery for a C-section can be a very long and hard process.

-If your baby gets in distress at any stage of the labor, they must end the labor quickly.

Is there benefit to waiting until my body goes into labor naturally?

Absolutely! The body knows when the baby is ready.


-You can labor using your natural hormones- nothing synthetic added.

-Your body paces the labor at a level much more manageable.

-If you choose your environment and the caregivers around you, you are much more relaxed.

-There are far less reasons for the baby to become distressed.



Remember… Your Body, Your Baby and Your Choice.

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