Our Mission and Purpose

Our Mission

“Our mission is to create healthy, happy, positive birth experiences, to provide safe, gentle, calm environments, to educate mothers and fathers, to diminish costs, and to minimize the need for medical procedures, operations and interventions, thus reducing birth trauma and mortality.”

Our Noble Purpose

“Our Noble Purpose is to make the world a better place by improving the birth experience, by reducing birth trauma, by reducing birth mortality, and by reducing the cost of giving birth.”


We believe in the natural process of birth and the body’s timing. We will trust the body’s intuition up to the 40th week and reassure our clients that the body knows best.


We value our clients. We demonstrate this in each client interaction. We are very welcoming, kind, and respectful. We listen carefully, show empathy and work promptly and diligently to meet our client’s needs.


We value full disclosure. We believe that all clients have the right to know their complete medical condition, their options and our strengths and limitations.


We are honest in our dealings with our clients and with each other. We strive to provide the most effective services, without concealing any part of the truth. This allows you to rest assured that you are receiving honest, factual information.


We value punctuality. We come to work on time, ready to perform our responsibilities. We prepare for appointments and strive to start and finish appointments on time, minimizing our client’s wait.


We are committed to life-long learning. We know that as our knowledge and skills improve we can provide more value to our clients, community, industry and to the world.


We will be exceptional in our commitment and to the performance of our duties. We care about you, your health, and your experience with us. Our services are designed to allow you to minimize obstacles while maximizing results.


We recognize the need to continually improve ourselves, our operation and our company. We recognize that each team member has their role and as a team we must help each other improve.


We value having a fun, positive, happy work environment where we are respectful, kind and grateful to each other.


We provide and maintain an exceptional birth center environment, closely paying attention to all details such as cleanliness, order, scent, music, reading materials, snacks, restocking supplies and all other details that could improve or distract from our client’s best imagined birth experience.

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