Pregnancy Health Insurance 101

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We all know that there have been several changes to health insurance over the last few years and it seems to be getting more and more confusing. Healthcare practices are heading towards making everyday living extremely expensive. The way plans are written can be very confusing.

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Here are a few sites and helpful hints when you are looking at insurance plans and are planning to add to your family. Having a baby is a beautiful and natural process that should not put a couple into debt for several years.

Health Share plans are affordable and often pay 100% with no deductible.  They count as insurance so that the couple are not docked at tax season. Below are a few companies to help you get started.

Liberty Health Share
Christian Healthcare Ministries
Solidarity Health Share

Other companies that are known to pay for out-of-hospital birthing options are:

United Health Care

Insurances that don’t pay well for out of hospital birthing:

Select Health
Blue Cross Blue Shield

Do some crusading and call these companies telling them that you have chosen to birth outside the hospital and see what they say.  This will help them see the growing movement and that they need to get in step with the heartbeat of the community.


Your Body, Your Baby and Your Choice.

Women who want to take an active role in their birth will find mutual respect at My Family Birth Center. We encourage women to have a voice in the way their birth unfolds. At My Family Birth Center couples are not confined by the parameters of other facilities. As long as safety is met, the couple is free to create their story.

We offer a state-of-the-art licensed birth center where waterbirth is available. Licensed midwives and birth assistants serve with watchful expectancy while the mother, her spouse and loved ones have the birth of her dreams. We keep rules to a minimum and allow the birth to unfold with mother nature. We are just two minutes from Ogden Regional Hospital. Most health insurance accepted.


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1 thought on “Pregnancy Health Insurance 101”

  1. Hi Loretta Shape,
    The excellent informative post you have shared on this page about the benefits of health insurance in the case of emergency when you have no money to complete the medical expense of your treatment but you must use the services of health insurance company after reading the term and conditions of a company because some medical clinics are not supported with the health insurance company in this scenario you may have face some kind of financial issues to complete the medical expenses of your treatment .SO take care of your self and avoid to use healthcare insurance with the reading of terms and conditions of a company .

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