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Questions you Should Ask your Midwife 

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When you make the decision to hire a midwife, you will want to take the steps to find the right midwife for you. Ultimately, this comes down to asking the right questions to your midwife to ensure that they are a good fit. It is vital to ensure that you will feel comfortable with your midwife to provide the most positive birthing experience possible.  

Find the Right Midwife for You

One of the major benefits of using a midwife during your pregnancy is the special connection between you and your midwife. This emotional tie often eases the labor process and provides a multitude of health benefits to the baby and mother alike. Midwife services have been shown to lower the rate of medical interventions, as well as improve the likelihood of breastfeeding successfully. If you’ve decided that you want to give birth with the assistance of a midwife, it is important to ensure that you and the midwife are a good match. Here are a few questions that you should ask to determine if a midwife is the right fit for you.  

How Long Have you been Practicing Midwifery?

You want your midwife to help you feel at ease regarding your birthing process. Minimizing stress is vital in protecting the health of the baby. Ask your potential midwife how long she has been practicing and how much experience she has. You may also want to consider asking about their education, training, or certifications to ensure that you will feel confident in their services. 

Why did you Become a Midwife?

Asking your midwife why she became one can help to provide an emotional connection with her. In addition, understanding her motivation can give you a more thorough understanding of your midwife’s values. 

What Should I Expect Regarding Prenatal Care? Postpartum Care?

Having a baby involves much more than the actual labor and birthing process. One of the purposes of our services is to offer comprehensive services throughout the entire process. A midwife familiar with your pregnancy will be more effective during labor. Ask your potential care provider about the prenatal care that they offer, as well as the postpartum care you should expect to receive. Not only will this help you to choose a care provider, but it will also help you to know what to expect throughout your pregnancy. 

Do you Work with Doulas?

Doulas are often used to help provide emotional support throughout labor. It is important to decide if you want to work with a doula early on, as establishing an emotional connection to your doula often makes their services much more effective. Ask your midwife her opinion regarding doulas, as well as if they have doulas that work in their practice. 

What is your Hospital Transfer Rate?

Understanding the hospital transfer rate of the midwife can give you a general idea of their services. This can also help you to understand what the process will be like if you need to be transferred to the hospital during labor. 

Do you Facilitate Water Births?

ask your midwife

Water births can provide many benefits during labor. If you are searching for a midwife, you may be leaning towards having a water birth. If this is the case, you will want to ensure that the midwife that you hire facilitates water births. Ask them what to expect during the process, such as if they will provide the pool or if you will be required to do so. It can also be helpful to ask if they offer home birth services or births in a birth center. 

How Many Births do you Take on per Month?

This question can give you a good idea regarding the care you can expect throughout the pregnancy process. You may also want to ask what will happen in the event that your labor occurs simultaneously with another client’s. 

How Does your Practice Work?

Understanding how the specific practice works can help you to make the best decision for your situation. You should ask if you will work solely with one midwife throughout the process or with a team of midwives. Ask what types of birth they offer, along with the general process to expect. 

What Happens if there is a Complication?

It is important that your midwife has a backup plan in case a complication arises during labor. Ensure that you feel comfortable with the backup plan and that you won’t feel too anxious throughout the total process. This plan can go a long way toward protecting both you and your baby. 

Is Breastfeeding Support Offered?

There are many benefits to breastfeeding, but many new mothers have difficulty getting started. However, many studies have shown that the services of a midwife can increase the likelihood of successful breastfeeding. Consult with your midwife to ensure that you will be able to obtain the services that you need to successfully breastfeed. 

Do You Accept Payment Plans? Insurance?

Midwife services save a substantial amount of money, especially when compared to traditional hospital services. However, it is still important to consider how you intend to finance your midwife services. Many midwife services accept insurance plans to ensure that you can receive the services that you need without resulting in exorbitant expenses. 

Can I Continue to See you for Well-Woman Visits?

Many people feel far more comfortable trusting their health and medical treatment to someone that they feel an emotional connection with. After you have established this connection with a healthcare provider, you may want to continue to visit them for regular well-woman visits. Ask them if well-woman visits are a service that they offer to ensure a comprehensive approach to your medical care. 

Choosing the right midwife can make a substantial difference to the experience that you have while giving birth. These questions are just one way to ensure that you find a birthing professional that is a great fit for you. To learn more about finding the best midwife to meet your needs, contact our experts at My Family Birth Center today!

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  2. I appreciate that you mentioned that it’s smart to ask your potential midwife what kind of prenatal care they offer as well as what you can expect from them postpartum. My husband and I are planning on having our first child soon, and I think that I would like to go through the process with a midwife. Asking the questions you suggested would probably help make sure that I knew what to expect and could be comfortable with everything going on. so I’ll have to make sure to do that.

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