Doulas: Enhancing the Childbirth and Post-Partum Experience

Receive the Support and Assistance You Need from Our Doulas

My Family Birth Center explores all avenues possible to improve the childbirth and postpartum experience for mothers. Count on our trained doulas in Ogden to provide the support you need to get through the most fulfilling, yet perhaps the most challenging, phase of your life: pregnancy, labor, and the weeks following birth.

Mothering the Mother

Our doulas take care of “mothering the mother.” Their nurturing presence complements the care you receive from our midwives, for a better outcome. While our midwives oversee the medical aspects of giving birth, our doulas provide reassurance, birth preparation, and non-biased advice and information.

Our doulas are of significant help to mothers who are at risk and who may need additional, continuous support. We provide the information you need about the birthing process, to help make you feel safe and confident.

Enhancing the Experience for Parent and Child

Introducing doulas into the labor room has many scientifically proven benefits. Their presence helps improve the bond between the mother and the infant, as well as decrease the incidence of complications.

Research shows that mothers who chose to receive support from a doula throughout their childbearing year tended to have shorter labors and lower rates of medical intervention, including cesarean births and administering of synthetic oxytocin or pain medication. The overall result is great maternal satisfaction.

The presence of our trained, professional doula in Ogden benefits not just mothers. They also help babies become healthier and breastfeed more easily.

Let our doulas provide you with the vital support and care that is essential to improving birth outcomes. Call us at 801-917-6104 to schedule a free consultation.

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