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Should I Go to a Birth Center or Hospital?

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Choosing a Birth Center or Hospital

When you are looking forward to giving birth, it will be important to consider the location where you intend to give birth. Choosing whether to go to a birth center or hospital will depend primarily on your preferences and situation. Understanding what to expect at each location will enable you to make the ideal decision for your own birthing process.

What to Expect at a Hospital?

birth center

A hospital has been the traditional location to give birth, but birth centers have been steadily growing in popularity. When you give birth at a hospital, you can expect to be in a rather clinical atmosphere. This is a stark contrast to the environment available at a birth center. Medical interventions are also far more likely at a hospital. Another important thing to note is that giving birth in a hospital is likely to be overseen by an OBGYN. Alternatively, a birth in a center will be overseen by a midwife. The national statistics of birth centers needing to transfer for a cesarean birth stand at 5%.  The rates of cesarean births in Utah hospitals are closer to 23%.

Advantages of Giving Birth in a Center

When you are making the decision for your own birthing process, it will be important to understand the advantages that a birth center can provide. A center generally comes with a reduced risk of a C-section becoming necessary. They also create a more comfortable environment. They also tend to ensure that you have more privacy and freedom than is available in a traditional hospital setting.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Birth centers are often designed to mimic the comfort level of home. They are often equipped with larger beds and other amenities to improve your comfort. A birth center generally provides the best of both worlds when compared to a home birth and a hospital birth.

More Privacy

When you give birth in a center, you won’t have to worry about your privacy. You will have complete control over who can come in and out of the room when you are giving birth at a center. This also ensures that you aren’t limited to the hospital’s set rules regarding who can be present when you give birth.

More Freedom

Hospitals tend to have many rules surrounding your birthing process. For example, there are limits as to what you can eat and when. The presence of IVs and monitoring equipment will prohibit you from moving around during labor. Giving birth in a center allows you to move around as you want, eat when you want, and be more in control over the entire process. This can be an incredibly empowering thing that can reduce a great deal of anxiety around your birthing process.

Shorter Recovery Time

Due to the reduced risk of medical intervention, there will be shorter recovery time at a birth center. By spending less time in recovery, you will also save yourself money. The services at a center will also ensure that you can be as comfortable as possible during your recovery period.

Insurance Considerations

In previous times, insurance may not have covered giving birth in a center. However, times are changing and it is more and more common for insurance to cover birth center services. Consult with your insurance company to learn more about their specific coverage for your own situation. It is also important to note that the costs that are associated with a center are much lower than hospital expenses. This means that you are likely to save money overall.

These are just a few tips to help you decide where you should give birth. If you are trying to make the right decision for you, it will be useful to ensure that you consult with our experienced team for more information. At My Family Birth Center, we are passionate about making certain that you will have the best birth experience possible. For more information about the different experience that you can expect at a center, contact us at My Family Birth Center today!

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