Skin Health

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The skin is a major organ of elimination.  How does one avoid skin rashes, acne, eczema or psoriasis?

There are two major ways to support the skin.  One way is to take in nutrients that nourish the skin and the other is to improve the processes of elimination… such as the gut.

Suppressive drugs can drive toxins deeper into the body and lead to progressively worse illnesses.  Nourishing foods and nutrients can have a medicinal effect.

So what nutrients are good for the skin?  Vitamin E, Zinc and herbal combinations.

Some women get ‘hormonal acne’ with their cycle.  In this case a combination of Vitamin E and a set of unique herbs can support her. Rashes have been linked to the lack of diffuseable calcium in the tissues.  Have you ever gotten a rash after being out in the sun for a long time?  It has been found that while out in the sun, the body creates vitamin D.  If one gets too much sun, they may also get too much vitamin D.  Vitamin D happens to pull this calcium out of the tissues and when that happens the skin begins to respond showing irritation.What do we do?

Take more essential fatty acids.  The vitamins in fat help bring the calcium back to the tissues to restore balance.

Skin Health

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