Quick Tip for Staying Healthy in December

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Interesting… how when colder weather comes and the sun is less visible we are more prone to getting sick when we need to be staying healthy.

So…what can we do to fortify ourselves? Here is a trick keep you feeling and looking your best throughout the winter months.

Taking a good vitamin/mineral supplement will help build our immune system.  Add to that Calcium Lactate.

Taking calcium lactate will help keep the blood calcium level where it needs to be.  When we or our child develops a fever, this is a signal to the body that it is lacking serum calcium  which means there is not enough calcium in the blood.  The body will begin to pull calcium from the bones to get the blood calcium level where it needs to be.

When you get a fever, rather than reaching for Tylenol to bring it down, try Calcium lactate.  It is only one step away from being absorbed compared to Calcium Carbonate (Tylenol)  which requires 8 steps before the body can absorb it.

Standard Process has a great offering to fortify the body.  It has that good vitamin/mineral combination called Immuplex and it also has Calcium Lactate in pill form, capsule or powder.  I keep a bottle of Calcium Lactate powder in our medicine chest.  It has already come into great use!

If you have any questions on where to find Immuplex to help you with staying healthy give us a call. We are happy to help and send you in the right direction based off your needs.

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