health benefits of natural birth

The Health Benefits of Natural Birthing

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Pregnancy is an incredibly powerful time in a woman’s life. It involves many personal choices to determine what will happen throughout the pregnancy and during labor. One of these choices is whether to have a natural birth, a caesarean section, or another method for childbirth. There are many health benefits of natural birthing. It is important to thoroughly research and educate yourself in order to make the best decisions for you and your baby.

What is Natural Birthing?

Natural birthing is vaginal labor that includes little to no medical intervention. In a few cases, it is necessary to pursue a caesarean section in order to protect the life of the baby or the mother. However, in the majority of pregnancies, natural birthing is a viable method. There are a multitude of health benefits of natural birthing, as well as both mental and emotional benefits.

What is Usually Involved in Natural Birthing?

There are many components involved in a natural birth. Preparation is the key to obtaining the best birthing experience possible. These kinds of births often involve working with a doula, midwife, or OBGYN that has expressed the desire to use minimal medical intervention. In addition, you should ensure that your practitioner is experienced in overseeing natural births. A natural birth will often use alternate delivery positions, rather than having the mother-to-be remaining laying on her back. There are also usually alternative drug-free methods for pain relief, including hydrotherapy, massage, hypnosis, relaxation techniques, meditation, and much more.

Where Natural Birthing Happens

Natural births are often undergone in a designated birth center or the mother’s home. However, natural births can still be done in a hospital, if that is the mother’s preference. Additionally, our high-quality birth center can be the ideal place to have a natural birth.

Preparing for a Natural Birth

Preparation is important to ensure the best birthing experience. For this reason, if you decide that you want a natural birth, you should talk to your medical practitioner to develop a plan for the birth. Additionally, you may want to consider hiring a doula. A doula is an experienced companion for the mother and can provide a significant amount of support and guidance throughout both the pregnancy and labor. It is also important to educate yourself regarding all of the options for your birthing process. Thorough information will help you to make the best decisions for yourself and your baby. You should also learn and practice natural pain management techniques to ensure that the process is as easy as possible.

Health Benefits of Natural Birthing

There are a multitude of health benefits of natural birthing for both the mother and the newborn. Many mothers who give birth naturally have such a powerful, fulfilling experience that they choose natural birth for subsequent pregnancies. Giving birth naturally can help to protect the baby, as well as allow the mother to recover more quickly after giving birth.

Feeling of Empowerment

A natural birth allows mothers to have complete control throughout the entire labor process. Epidurals can cause a woman in labor to lose awareness and feeling in their body, which can prevent them from taking an active part in the delivery of the baby. Not only does a natural birth give the mother more control, but it often provides women with a sense of pride in their own accomplishment after the baby has been delivered.

Improved Health for the Baby

Epidurals or other chemicals can result in an array of side effects for the baby. They often develop less quickly, as well as have more difficulty adjusting. One of the most common complications from a caesarean section is respiratory distress as the baby adjusts to breathing. During a natural birth, the pressure placed on the baby’s lungs helps to push the fluid out, which makes it easier for them to adjust to breathing oxygen. Babies that are born naturally have been shown to suffer from respiratory distress far less frequently.

Less Likely to Require Medical Interventions

When the mother has complete control over her body, it will naturally go through the birthing process. She will feel the urge to push when it is time to push, among many other things. Having a natural birth, without the use of an epidural, results in a minimized likelihood of medical interventions, like c-sections, becoming necessary.

Shorter Labor

Epidurals can slow down the labor process. As mentioned before, it can also result in a lack of sensation, which can make it difficult for the body to perform the tasks that it must to successfully give birth. Epidurals can actually lengthen the overall labor process. Having a natural birth can help to create a much shorter labor process. It can also help to ensure that the mother recovers more quickly after giving birth.

Promotes Bonding

In a typical birth in a hospital, hospital procedures will result in the baby not immediately receiving skin-to-skin contact with the mother. Immediate skin-to-skin contact can significantly improve the bond between the mother and the baby. This can be incredibly helpful, because it can increase the chances of successful breastfeeding from the start, which can further improve the health of the baby. Additionally, others present in the birthing room, like the father or other family member, will also be able to bond more closely with the newborn.

Less Expensive

A natural birth is much less expensive than a typical hospital birth. Raising children is expensive and exorbitant medical bills only compound the financial strain. By having a natural birth, you can immensely reduce these expenses, which will allow you to repurpose the money toward your child’s future or your other expenses.

There are many health benefits of natural birthing. A natural birth can provide an incredibly powerful, empowering experience for new mothers, as well as enhance the bond between the mother and child. These kinds of birth can also help to improve the health of the baby, shorten labor time, and allow the mother to recover more quickly after giving birth. To learn more about the benefits of giving birth naturally, contact us at My Family Birth Center today!

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