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Tips for Communicating your Birth Plan

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Tips for Communicating your Birth Plan

When you write the ideal birth plan, it is important to ensure that the relevant people know what you want with your birth plan. The communication that you use will be an important component of making this happen. Consider who will be present in the birth room and ensure that they have all of the information that they need regarding your anticipated birth plan. When you work with our experts at My Family Birth Center, we can help to guide you through the process of communicating your plan for the birth to ensure that all of your specific needs can be met.

Make Sure your Birth Plan is Written Down

birth plan

Unfortunately, the human memory is fallible. Having your birth plan written down will help to ensure that your team can revisit the birth plan to get accurate details. This will ensure that you will be able to obtain the ideal experience, as well as prevent miscommunications from arising. Writing down your plan will also help you to put your thoughts into an organized document, which will give you time to consider what you want your birth plan to include.

Make Copies

You should make copies of your birth plan to ensure that you can provide a copy to your birthing partner and other people who will be present at your birth. This can go a long way toward ensuring that your wishes can be complied with and that everyone is aware of what you want during your birthing experience. Bring a copy of your plan for the birth to an appointment with your midwife to ensure that they will have the birth plan on file. This will also provide you with the opportunity to review your plan with your care provider.

Set Aside Time

It is important to set aside time specifically to have a conversation about your birth plan. This may mean contacting your care provider and requesting an extended appointment where you will be able to discuss your birth plan. Making time for this conversation will often aid with improving the communication process. In addition, it will enable you to compare your birth plan to the policies of the birth center that you are working with. Our team can help to advise you regarding the contributions that we can make to ensure your birth plan proceeds according to the plan. For example, this will ensure that a birthing pool will be present if you decide that you want a water birth.

Ask for Input

It can be beneficial to ask your care provider or birthing partner for their input regarding the birth plan. This can allow you to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the decisions that you are making for your birth plan. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that the final birth plan is your own decision. One of the major advantages of a plan is that they help you feel empowered and take control of your birthing process. While your care provider can certainly provide you with input and guidance, they can’t make the final decisions for you.

Know who Will be Present

In order to effectively communicate your birth plan, you will need to consider who will be present in your birthing room. This will allow you to communicate with each of these people to make the right decision for your situation. If you intend for your partner to be present, you will want to review your plan with them before you go into labor. If you will have a doula at the birth, you can also review this plan with them.

Communicating your plan will help to ensure that you have a much more positive experience and that everyone remains on the same page. It is important to ensure that your birth plan is in writing and that you’ve made enough copies to provide the members of your birthing team with easier access. It is also beneficial to ensure that you start communicating your plan in advance to prevent miscommunications. For guidance with writing and communicating your birth plan to improve your experience, contact us at My Family Birth Center today.

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