Tips for Minimizing Hemorrhaging

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Hemorrhaging is the most common complication after a delivery.  With some effort, it can be minimized in its occurrence or in treating it. There are so many thoughts that go through a mothers mind when she is about to deliver that we don’t want this to be one of them so we’ve got a few tips to help you in preventing a hemorrhage.


Common risks:


Precipitous labor (quick labors)

Prolonged labor


Eating foods with high nutrient content such as vegetables, fruits, lots of water and lean meats make it easier for the body to build up a healthy additional blood supply.  Nature knows that the mother will lose blood with the delivery.  She builds up an excess blood supply to make the transition easier at birth which means she can tolerate blood loss better.

How likely could lack of calories to the body be a factor? Eating and drinking during labor keeps cells burning brightly as they do their work.  They have the fuel to provide the energy.  Conversely, the lack of food and water during labor can lend to exhaustion of not only the uterus, but the entire body.

Putting baby to the breast soon after birth stimulates the natural oxytocin.  A nice byproduct is that it also stimulates the euphoria that accompanies birth for the mother and baby.

Bottom line…choose to eat well, nutritiously.  It is the best gift you can give your baby and yourself at the time of birth.

Natural Birth



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