what is vitality generation

What is Vitality Generation?

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Vitality is a term that brings a rather positive emotion. Whenever Vitality is used, it encompasses a state of being strong and active. So what is Vitality Generation? Vitality Generation is the process to ensure that you obtain and sustain that level of good health. Our Vitality Generation services use an array of methods and techniques. These techniques are used to aid you in obtaining the best health. The total process includes a thorough evaluation of the individual’s health conditions from a holistic standpoint. Nutritional counseling, recommendations for holistic therapy, lifestyle evaluations, and lab testing are all part of our approach to Vitality Generation. In order to understand what Vitality Generation entails, it will be important to understand what a holistic approach to medicine means. Here at My Family Birth Center, we strive to provide you with the services that you need to maintain optimal health.

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine centers around the idea that the absence of disease doesn’t necessarily mean good health. From this perspective, the health of an individual is based on creating balance between the wellness of their body, mind, spirit, and emotions. In other words, holistic medicine focuses on the “whole” person, rather than the symptoms or diseases they may be showing. Due to this, holistic medicine acknowledges the links between the condition of each of these systems. This enables a more thorough, effective approach to health care and wellness.

Treat Causes, Not Symptoms

In order to optimize the health of the individual, holistic medicine takes the view that the causes of symptoms or disease must be treated, rather than simply alleviating or getting rid of the symptoms. For example, if stress or poor sleeping habits are the cause of an individual’s poor health, simply getting rid of the symptoms won’t fix the problem. They will resurface as long as the stress or sleeping habits continue. Rather than simply mitigating the symptoms, holistic medicine will look at ways to lessen the stress in the individual’s life or make other changes to optimize their health.

Natural and Preventative Approaches

Unlike traditional approaches to medicine, holistic medicine doesn’t turn to drugs as a first defense to illness. Though holistic medicine may incorporate prescription medications, it primarily uses natural and preventative approaches. Holistic medicine centers around prevention. Rather than treating a disease after it surfaces, it focuses on taking steps to prevent the disease from ever becoming an issue in the first place.

The Holistic Definition of Health

From a traditional standpoint, good health may be considered as the absence of any disease or negative symptoms. However, the holistic definition of health is rather different. From a holistic perspective, health is an overall positive state of being. This state of being includes many different components. A few of these components are posture, exercise, microbiomes, rest, diet, stress, purposefulness, toxins, and much more. These many different components are a mixture of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual factors that all contribute to an overall state of wellbeing.

Personalized Approach to Medicine

Everyone is different. For this reason, there is simply no: “one size fits all” approach to medicine and health. Though specific programs or methods may have you believe that there is a set checklist that will result in good health, this simply isn’t true. This is why it is important to have your approach to health personalized to your specific situation and needs. Holistic medicine takes this into account by looking at genetic makeup, emotions, the specific situation, past medical history, and much more. Holistic medicine focuses primarily on treating the patient as a person, rather than as the disease or the symptoms that they display. 

Combines Multiple Forms of Health Care

Holistic medicine uses a wider variety of techniques and tools in order to create optimal health. This helps to address a wider array of issues and health problems. These forms may include lifestyle modifications and medications, as well as recommendations for diet, exercise, and counseling. Holistic medicine may also include other techniques like acupuncture or massage therapy. Ultimately, holistic medicine will use whatever form of health care that your care provider deems to be the most effective and beneficial for your specific situation.

What is Nutritional Counseling?

Nutritional counseling is an additional component of our Vitality Generation services. It goes hand in hand with the holistic approach to medicine, because it focuses on optimizing nutrition to provide benefits to the individual’s health. Nutritional counseling involves consulting with a medical professional to guide the individual in making the necessary dietary changes. The care provider may create specific meal plans and there will likely be a significant amount of testing regarding the right supplements and meal plan for the individual to follow. Nutritional counseling can enhance the health of an individual in an array of ways, which can provide more than simply physical benefits. In fact, with the proven link to food and mood, nutritional counseling can be used to treat mood imbalances, as well as other mental health conditions.

So What is Vitality Generation?

Vitality Generation uses a holistic approach to medicine to optimize the health of the individual. It focuses on personalizing the treatment plan and acknowledges that every unique person will require a similarly unique approach to their wellbeing. By combining an array of approaches, our Vitality Generation system is designed to provide preventative measures for each case. It focuses on treating the underlying causes of poor health, rather than merely treating the symptoms. Nutritional counseling, lifestyle evaluations, and more are all implemented to create the most effective plan for each patient.

We strive to provide each of our patients with the tools that they need to optimize their health. This is relevant both throughout the pregnancy process and outside of it. In addition to our prenatal, postnatal, and labor-related services, we also provide vitality generation and well woman services. These help to provide the ideal approach to health for you and your whole family. Taking a preventative approach to your health can make a vast difference to your overall state of wellbeing. To learn more about the many services that we offer, contact us at My Family Birth Center today!

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