Why Do Women Tear During Delivery?

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One of the biggest concerns that we hear with our pregnant patients is ” What happens if I tear?” The idea of tearing is horrifying to hear about and most women aren’t educated or prepared. Did you know that if you have eaten well during pregnancy, your skin is more supple and elastic? This is just one of the ways we help prevent tearing during labor.

One cause can be the position a laboring mother is in for delivery. The recumbent position with legs stretched wide and feet in stirrups puts extreme pressure on the perineum which can result in tearing.
Another cause can be that she wasn’t advised of when to let off on her pushing. Some women are told that the baby is right there and will probably come out with the next push. So she gives it all she’s got and whoops….there is a big tear.

A third reason would be if she is given an episiotomy. When the cut is made, it is easier for it to extend further by tearing.

Newborn baby
Bottom line, delivering a baby is an art. With the help of good positioning, good coaching of when and when not to push, a tear can be minimized or even prevented.

As always, we are hear to help you have the best pregnancy, labor and delivery experience that you can possible have.

We look forward to hearing from you and remember…

Your Body, Your Baby and Your Choice.


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