Every time I was at the birth center I felt welcomed and taken care of. I had to go to most of the appointments without my husband so it was hard to keep our toddler in the room and occupied. Someone was always willing to help keep an eye on her so that I was able to focus on my growing baby. The birth experience was great and I had the perfect team of midwives cheering and encouraging me with my husband. What a great experience! I hope to be able to deliver the rest of our family at Loretta Shupe's birth center.

— Jessica

I tear up every time I think of the experience we had bringing our beautiful baby girl earth side. The Birth Room is beautiful but it's really the people that provide the experience. Thank you a million times for your love, patience and kindness. You all will always be in our hearts!

— The Smith Family

We were so incredibly blessed to work with some amazing people during our birth! Such an amazing and empowering experience working with Loretta Shupe and her team! I'm a huge believer that everyone should be able to birth in whatever way is right for them (as long as everyone is safe) and we more than got the birth we wanted at the birth center.

— Nicole Stephens

It was an incredible experience. I'm so thankful for all of you.

— Sharee Hackford

You and the team were wonderful. Everything you did demonstrated the care and concern you have for the families that come to your center. I thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂

— Kathy Hackford

You, your staff, and My Family Birth Center are true treasures. Midwifery care is something every woman should experience!  Thank you for your love and care for me and my family before, during and after Bodhi's Birth.  I wish you and your business much future success!

— Lots of love,  Nicole Davis

Our hearts are so full. The delivery was everything we dreamed of.  Ed Avalos assisted the delivery, and was a champ! We are home now, just 12 hours after labor began, getting rested up and enjoying Baby.

— MaKayla Avalos

I cannot begin to say thank you thank you thank you enough to this incredible birth team! Hanan, Heather, Loretta, and Sarah.  They showed us the incredible world of home birth and all the joy that was available to us, and then they helped make our dream a reality!

— Zachary Lehr

When I started looking for midwives my first appointment was with My Family Birth Center. First step in and first impression of Loretta and her amazing team and I couldn't look any further. They were beyond supportive of exactly how me and my husband wanted to deliver our daughter. And on the night of her birth we couldn't have asked for a better experiance! I wish I could describe what a magical night and how much help these women are but words cannot begin to describe! Thank you again to Loretta, Micah and Eryn for making our special night everything we had hoped!

— B. Birrer

Loretta was very good to work with. She brought a confidence and her years of experience that put me at ease. She helped me to have the perfect homebirth experience I desired in 2016. It was wonderful to have Loretta as my midwife. I'd love to work with her again.

— Anita Smith

The training program is excellent and the midwives are very supportive of providing the birth experience you want. My wife and I both felt like these midwives prepared us very well about what to expect at a birth and what is happening with the baby.

— Spencer Shupe

Immediately upon walking into My Family Birth Center, I felt very comfortable and welcomed. The center is so beautiful! I love seeing Loretta, she always has a genuine smile on her face! She has great energy and wisdom to help guide you on your childbirth journey.

— Savannah Smith

Loretta is exactly what you want in a midwife: gentle in her approach but fierce in her knowledge and passion for birth and caring for women through pregnancy. She truly loves her work and wants to improve women's health outcomes in all that she does.

— Emily Mickelson

Loretta is the warmest. sweetest woman I've met. She is a skilled and passionate midwife, always ready to serve where she's needed. My Family Birth Center is a beautiful, functional facility, the perfect addition to our growing birth community in Ogden!

— BreeAnn Moore

I invited Loretta to attend my last birth. I chose home water birth, and Loretta's calm confidence enhanced my experience. She valued my opinion and provided excellent care!

— Heather Wade

Making the Childbirth Experience More Memorable for Families

My Family Birth Center is home to the gentlest, most caring certified professional midwives in Ogden. We are a state-of-the-art licensed Utah birth center in Ogden that welcomes the beginning of a new life, in the method that the mother and her spouse or family is most comfortable with.

We offer several personalized options for labor and delivery. You may choose, for example, to deliver your baby in our center or the comfort of your own home. You also have the option to give birth conventionally or to use hydrotherapy techniques.

Modern Facility, Topnotch Care

Giving birth in our center means receiving top-quality, compassionate childbirth services in a modern facility, under the guidance of our licensed professionals. If you choose to give birth at home, two midwives and one doula will keenly watch the delivery and create the right environment for a safe, comfortable childbirth.

Whether you want a calmer, more relaxed delivery through waterbirth or to make the experience more personal through home birth, we will respect your wishes and keep rules to a minimum. We let nature take its course while our licensed midwives and birth assistants serve with watchful expectancy.

Enhancing the Wellness of Mother and Child

We have become one of the most trusted birthing centers in Ogden because we do our best to enhance the well-being of the mother and the entire family. We have expanded our childbirth services to include various exams and therapies intended to guard the mother’s health as she goes through the process of conceiving, expecting, and giving birth.

Count on us to help enhance the well-being of both mother and child through our range of services.

Birth Center

We offer a state-of-the-art licensed birth center where waterbirth is available.  Licensed midwives and birth assistants serve with watchful expectancy while the mother, her spouse and loved ones have the birth of her dreams.  We keep rules to a minimum and allow the birth to unfold with mother nature.  We are just two minutes from Ogden Regional Medical Center.

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Home Birth

Home birth services are available.  Our goal is for two midwives and one birth assistant to attend and give the same watchful care as given in the birth center whenever possible.  A birth pool and accessories are available so that the couple may enjoy the comfort of hydrotherapy and finish the birth either as a waterbirth or in the atmosphere of their own furnishings.

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Well Woman Care

We offer a complete Women's center with annual exams, fertility services, contraception, hormone replacement therapy. Holistic options of Metagenics, Xymogen, and Standard Process are available.

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Homebirth Mother and baby

Insurance accepted

Regular business hours Monday-Friday, 10 AM - 4 PM. Open 24 hours for Birth Services.

Women who want to take an active role in their birth will find mutual respect at My Family Birth Center.  We encourage women to have a voice in the way their birth unfolds.  At My Family Birth Center couples are not confined by the parameters of other facilities.  As long as safety is met, the couple is free to create their story.

Located two blocks from Ogden Regional Hospital at 5319 S 500 E Ste C, Ogden, UT 84405.

What's Next?

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a midwife, and receive a free gift.  Plus, if you would like a Definitive Early Pregnancy blood test, it is only $29.  For those who have insurance, it is Free.