Gestational Diabetes

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What exactly is Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational Diabetes means persistent high blood glucose after meals during pregnancy.  A person who develops this during pregnancy is at greater risk of becoming a diabetic after pregnancy.  The pancreas secretes insulin to help drive the glucose into the cell but when the glucose is high repeatedly, the cells begin to resist the insulin.  Hence, the blood glucose remains high.

Eating excessive amounts of refined carbohydrates contribute to it.  These foods are breads, sweets, chips, anything refined or processed. These foods place a high demand on the pancreas which cause it to over produce insulin and can create chaos. Over time your cells can begin to die.  They’ve been starved of the glucose that gives them energy to do their work.

So… How do I manage it or avoid it?

Simply stated: Diet and Exercise

What does it do to the baby?

This can cause the baby to grow more cells and grow cells that are larger than normal.  The baby also has a greater chance of developing diabetes later in life.

There are herbs that strengthen the pancreas that we can help educate you on.  We’d love to help you if you feel you need some support in this area.

Gestational Diabetes


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