Birth Center

What is a birth center?

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What is a birth center?

While many women in the US believe that the only way to safely have a child is in the hospital, you may be surprised to learn that utilizing a birthing center or home birth have distinct advantages.  Most births can occur without medical interventions that are commonplace in hospital births.  A birth center is a facility that supports natural birth.  Birth Centers like My Family Birth Center in Ogden, Utah provide full support for both the mother and newborn during the birth process.  Birth Centers focus on providing non-invasive support to keep the process of childbirth progressing naturally.  This is contrary to the practices in most hospitals that put every birth on the same timeline and introduce non-necessary interventions to keep each birth on this timeline.

What services do Birth Centers provide?

My Family Birth Center, like many other birth centers, provides support during labor and delivery.  Many birth centers have equipment and services that help keep the laboring mother comfortable and ease pain without introducing medical interventions.  During difficult times of labor, the birth center staff will work with you to find positions that relieve discomfort while helping to progress labor.  Some of these such interventions may be resting in a birthing tub or sitting on a birthing ball.

Birth center staff are also trained to naturally work through circumstances that are typically treated with the introduction of additional medications to the mother’s body and even lead up to cesarean section.    Statistically, less than 5% of births that begin in a birthing center or at home are ever escalated to the hospital.

Many birth centers also act as well-woman centers and offer annual exams, family planning, and infertility support like My Family Birth Center in Ogden.

Where can I find a birth center?

To find a birth center near you there are a few online resources that you can turn to.  Make sure that the center you plan to visit has a skilled and experienced staff.  Take a tour of the facility to get the feel of the environment and see if you can picture yourself having your baby there.  Find out what resources will be available to you in the facility.  Make sure you choose a facility that is relatively close to your home.  My Family Birth Center is easily accessible from Morgan County via i-84, the Wasatch Front via I-15 and east Davis County via Highway 89, to serve the surrounding area.

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